Bristol-Myers Squibb


Bristol-Myers Squibb has been leading the way with HIV/AIDS medication for more than two decades. GSD® was honoured, therefore, to be commissioned to design an interloopmailer® which would be used to invite delegates to 12th European Aids Conference held in Cologne, Germany in November 2009.

GSD® devised an interloopmailer® incorporating the campaign strapline ‘The changing face of HIV care’. Each turn of the mailer created a different face – a powerful reminder of the global dimension of the HIV/AIDS threat and a memorable concept that really made people read and respond to the information.

Bristol-Myers Squibb and their clients hailed the conference a resounding success and described the GSD® service as ‘second to none’. The company was especially delighted with our fusion of creativity and ability to work within a budget.

“Finding a supplier that could come up with great ideas that are also cost-effective was a double bonus. The ‘faces’ mailer really turned some heads!”

Ian Murray - Marketing Manager