Design Instructions

Designing artwork for the interloopmailer® is straightforward, as long as you take into account the following rules:

Aligning artwork
It can be difficult to align artwork up if it crosses from one panel to another when the interloopmailer® is folded. To avoid this, we recommend that the artwork does not cross any of the solid lines shown in the guide above.

Repeated faces
The unique tumbling action of the interloopmailer® means that some artwork panels are repeated, above is an example for your reference. The example demonstrates with lettered panels where panels are repeated. As you will see, in both the first and the second image the ‘a’ and ‘b’ panels remain the same. Similarly in the second and third images the ‘c’ and ‘d’ panels also remain the same. And finally in the third and fourth images the ‘e’ and ‘f’ panels remain the same.

Colour bleed
You will note that on the second and third images there is a red line detailed. On face 2 where the red line appears through the centre, due to the way that the mailer is cut, the artwork in the panel above and panel below should not be different colours or different pictures. Either side of the split must be the same colour or a single picture which crosses both panels. If this is not done then the colour may bleed on the opposite panel. If your design requires you to use two different colour panels or images, it can be done as the edges of these two panels meet until the interloopmailer® is turned. Also owing to the way that the mailer is cut and folded, on face 3 the top of panel e and the bottom of panel f (where the red line appears when printed) are printed next to each other. Because of this, the top and bottom panels CANNOT be different colours or different pictures, and must be the same colour. (This can also be achieved with a thin band of colour which appears either side of the split). If you don’t do this, then the colour may bleed on to the opposite panel.

Colour consistency
So that we can maintain colour consistency when printing your interloopmailer® order, please supply Pantone references for solid colours used on multiple panels. Please be aware additional costs may be required if spot colour print is needed.

Preferred Digital Artwork Specification
Platform: Apple Macintosh OSX Application: Adobe Illustrator CS2 (Version 12.0 or later) Colour: Colours must be correctly specified for CMYK or PMS identified Linking Images: All linking images must be supplied with the job and NOT embedded Images should be correctly colour formatted – – CMYK or PMS specified for spot colours. NOT RGB or Index Colour files Images must be in correct file format – – TIF or EPS, NOT GIF Images must be of adequate digital resolution – – 300dpi minimum for continuous tone, 600dpi for line work, at 100% Bleeds: 3mm industry standard Fonts: All fonts must be converted to outlines (paths) The artwork that you supply should fit our standard trace and should be planned to fit the trace for position as well as for size. Please make sure all template guides/lines are visible on you artwork as a removable layer, as these are vital for us to align and set-up your artwork for print.

You can download templates for the 3 standard sizes below.

120 x 120mm template

150 x 150mm template

170 x 170mm template