‘our interloopmailer® feedback’

We may have created this invention but without our clients using it, the interloopmailer would not have been out there. Here is some positive feedback.

“GSD® really ‘get’ new projects and are always quick to match our commercial goals with ideas that push the boundaries creatively but are always bang on brand. A great team that’s a pleasure to work with.”
Barry Walsh Vauxhall Account Manager
“The Streamium interloopmailer® created just the excitement we needed for our mailshot - the feedback we received has been superb. Thanks GSD®!”
Fabienne Gendre Philips Project Manager
“If the fantastic internal reaction to this addictive invention is anything to go by, delegate numbers at Innovation Leadership Summit 2011 are looking to be very strong this year.”
Ruth Lung Marketing Director
“From the start we were very impressed with the synergy of all elements of GSD®’s KomtraxTM proposal and the capability of the interloopmailer® in particular. It’s a uniquely interesting solution which really encourages recipients to respond.”
Jean Sebastien Blanc Komtrax Project Manager, Komatsu UK
“Just received our printed MITCH interloopmailer® and it looks fab! It’s a great product, a designers dream, so would love to produce another (if i get my own way again) in the future. Thanks for the patience with supplying the artwork! we got there in the end! Having great feedback in the office, including the MD, people can’t stop playing with them. Cheers guys.”
Jennifer Salon Success, Paul Mitchell
“The response we had from our Bauma interloopmailer® as a direct mail piece was the best yet.”
Peter.F.Smith Marketing Manager
“Visitors to exhibitions are bombarded with marketing collateral – much of it often ordinary in terms of its content and design. GSD® understood our desire to stand out at the Power-Gen International show delivering a winning solution that drew many people to our stand to engage with BRUSH staff.”
Richard Sharp Marketing Director, BRUSH Electrical Machines Ltd
“We are very pleased with our Flipout interloopmailer®They look fab, and the launch went so well.”
Becky Cotton Account Manager
“I have received the interloopmailer® this morning. They look great! I have been very impressed with the enthusiasm, skills and responsiveness of GSD®”
Kinza Sutton Marketing Manager
“Just to let you know that we have received the interloopmailers® and they look wonderful! Thank you again for your time, patience and creativity. It was a pleasure working with GSD®”
Sumner Hargrove Marketing Manager
“We used the interloopmailer® for a promotional piece to advertise one of our books. We were attracted to the unusual design of the piece, but were even more impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail which the whole team at GSD® gave us. It was a pleasure working with them, and I look forward to our next collaboration!”
Sam Crowe Digital Marketing Manager
“The interloopmailer® is an interesting piece. Key messages could be nicely revealed through it. We’re definitely keeping it on file for other projects in the future it might be perfect for as well.”
Harper Apple Design Team
“We really wanted to achieve ‘stand out’ for the College with this campaign – using something different to engage our target audience and get more people talking about Cornwall College opportunities. So we were delighted that the interloopmailer could deliver just what we’d intended. The support we received from their technical team was every bit as good as the creative.”
Mark Mathews Design & Print Manager, Cornwall College Group
“The interloopmailer's were ideal for our marketing campaign. They were very eye-catching and the innovative design was a real talking point. The brochures enabled us to convey a lot of information, but in a different and unusual format.”
Dr Lauren Summers Progress Platform Project Manager
“The pitch in Monaco went well. We were very happy with the interloopmailer.”
Sydney Horton Grants Whiskey Brand Engagement Agency
“A really good reaction from the interloopmailer internally and from those mailed.”
Simon Blake Emerson Marketing Manager
“Fantastic reaction to this addictive invention.”
Claire Armstrong Senior Project Manager
“Thank you to GSD® for all your assistance on this project. Young readers enjoy the interloopmailer® and learn a lot from it too!”
Jasmine Leong Scientific Editor CSIRO Education
'We used the interloopmailer® to introduce the Microsoft Private Cloud with FlexPod. It was an attention grabbing piece of Marketing; we are sure that it has maximised ROI from our direct marketing activity."
Raj Dadlani Account Manager
“The interloopmailer® has proven to be an extremely successful marketing tool for Outward Bound. What’s more, it was refreshing to come across an agency who not only offered us an innovative yet cost-effective solution – but who were easy to work with too.”
Jemma Milne Marketing Manager
"The interloopmailer filled our brief impeccably. Smart, clever, attractive, memorable, fun and informative. A brilliant and unique way to get our messages across. The interloopmailer team also provided a high standard of professional support from start to finish. Thank you."
Joanna Stewart Strategy Development Officer, Aberdeenshire Council
The results of the Fluitō Interloopmailer® exceeded my expectations. Working with the team at Interloopmailer® aligned with my creative visions and environmental beliefs perfectly; I look forward to working again with Interloopmailer for future projects.
Georgia Tucker Commissioned Artist
"GSD® supported the work of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation by offering a professional service to design and produce an invitation for a large scale gala. They were responsive to our needs and passionate about what they do. The end result was unique and innovative and we were grateful for their generosity."
The Event Team The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation