Automobile manufacturing and retail

GSD® was invited by Vauxhall to produce an innovative direct mail piece to promote its new Eco-Flex range of cars. Loaded with intelligent new technology, the Eco-Flex range demanded a campaign that would reflect a ‘smart solutions’ theme and firmly underline the brand’s innovative positioning.

Our designers created a vibrant interloopmailer® using bold graphics to communicate key product information. The mailer’s four different sides proved ideal for telling the Eco-Flex story in an engaging, easily digestible sequence and featured a wide range of vehicles that use the technology.

The Eco-Flex mailer gave the target audience plenty to think about and look at too – delivering a high number of enquiries to dealers on the Vauxhall network. Once again interloopmailer® proved itself to work exceptionally well for promoting advanced technology products.

“GSD® really ‘get’ new projects and are always quick to match our commercial goals with ideas that push the boundaries creatively but are always bang on brand. A great team that’s a pleasure to work with.”

Barry Walsh - Vauxhall Account Manager