Fluitō is a new interactive outdoor public art installation by artist Georgia Tucker, inviting participants to explore different layers of aquatics. Fluitō showcases the agility of elite swimmers, the positive mental impact of swimming, water inequality within Commonwealth countries and ocean pollution.  

Interloopmailer® created a marketing solution for viewers to showcase the design of the cube, an overview of the installation, the focus on water inequality and a QR code directed to Fluitō's augmented reality. 

Interloopmailer® has been a success with viewers on Fluitō's opening night and has been featured as a key marketing strategy throughout the festival. 


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The results of the Fluitō Interloopmailer® exceeded my expectations. Working with the team at Interloopmailer® aligned with my creative visions and environmental beliefs perfectly; I look forward to working again with Interloopmailer for future projects.

Georgia Tucker - Commissioned Artist