Launch of an ultra premium 25 year-old whisky

Grant’s is Scotland’s oldest family-run blended scotch whisky. The interloopmailer® team was asked to produce an exciting promotional piece to distribute at a Monaco conference to promote the launch of an ultra premium 25 year-old whisky.

An interloopmailer® that:
Builds on Grant’s ‘True Tales’ campaign – ‘Everyone has a story to tell’
Invites the target audience to visit a website and contribute personal stories – leveraging the social networking effect and underpinning the conviviality of a shared whisky with friends.

High volume of contributions to Grant’s ‘True Tales’ website A powerful new influence upping the volume and reach of Grant’s brand conversation.

“The pitch in Monaco went well. We were very happy with the interloopmailer.”

Sydney Horton - Grants Whiskey Brand Engagement Agency