The Open University


To create interest around applying to The Open University and increase the number of applications. A main priority was to balance the need for important key information about what The Open University has to offer without looking text heavy and ‘boring’.

A bold, lively, and welcoming interloopmailer® to engage the target audience to ‘twist and turn’ and  out more. Diverse people shots as well as informative typography invites students to seek more information on applying for an OU module. With only one side visible at any one time, the interloopmailer® puts across all key points without ‘information overload’.

This is an innovative example of education marketing that works well for both The Open University and its target audience – increasing the volume of potential students calling or visiting the website, resulting in the generation of a healthy number of applications.

“Our Tier 5 Access to Success Pack is creative, unique and packs the punch we need to gain the attention of our audience. Our call to action is to engage with prospective students and recruit them on to our OU Access Module. The interloopmailer® is an innovative product that delivered our recruitment campaign effectively and on budget.”

Andrew Todd - Marketing Manager