Microsoft Private Cloud with Flexpod is a ready-to-deploy, industry leading, private cloud computing solution. NetApp had the need to promote this new product and its benefits to businesses. The product needed to be marketed in a B2B environment, to communicate that there will be return on investment within nine months.

The interloopmailer® provided the perfect platform to communicate the different benefits that the NetApp product is designed for. The interloopmailer® twists and turns to take the audience on a journey through space. From Earth to infinity and Beyond. Illustrations of the Flexpod Private Cloud provides the call to action to find out more at the website or call the customer service team.

A tactile and engaging design, developed to showcase the return on investment for this product and how it provides business benefits and play a big part of leading IT strategies. Architected to run Microsoft applications such as exchange, SQL and Sharepoint, its the perfect platform for launching business into the cloud.

'We used the interloopmailer® to introduce the Microsoft Private Cloud with FlexPod. It was an attention grabbing piece of Marketing; we are sure that it has maximised ROI from our direct marketing activity."

Raj Dadlani - Account Manager