Interloopmailer® were asked to produce a memorable direct mail piece to promote sales of a new Motorola smartphone through showroom stores. The client wanted something that would be innovative, looked at, kept and remembered – and that boldly showcased a ‘stand out’ product by really jumping out from the crowd.

Interloopmailer® devised a striking interloopmailer® combining detailed Motorola product information with an interactive promotional item interesting in its own right. The Interloopmailer® team opted to include powerful brand imagery plus 4 key messages about the state-of-the-art smartphone on each turn of this intriguingly tactile mailer. The campaign strapline – Flip out. Stand out. Twist it. Touch it. Sync it. Pocket it – complemented the interloopmailer® just perfectly.

Following launch, the smartphone mailer received tremendous feedback. The word on the street was that the mailer concept matched this multi-function technology just beautifully – as well as engaging effectively with the end user.

“We’re more than pleased with our Flip out interloopmailer®. They look fabulous – and the launch went so well.”

Becky Cotton - Account Manager