Siemens plc was faced with finding something unique to invite clients to its ‘Innovation Leadership Summit’ 2011. Since this prestigious 3 day event generates worldwide interest they wanted an informative yet innovative invitation that really stood out for its unusual, memorable feel.

After working through numerous initial ideas, the Siemens USA marketing department suggested that the interloopmailer® is used for their teaser communication to be used prior to the event. Several teleconferences later it was decided to develop the design on a large, bespoke scale. Once the idea and copy were agreed, interloopmailer® designers worked closely with Siemens until the finished product was completed.

Invitations for the Innovation Leadership Summit conference have only just gone out for a conference that takes place in March 2011. The client, however, is delighted with the end product and is now looking forward to successful results.

“If the fantastic internal reaction to this innovative invention is anything to go by, delegate numbers at Innovation Leadership Summit 2011 are looking to be very strong this year.”

Ruth Lung - Marketing Director