Information Technology

Apple were launching the new model of iPad and required a direct marketing piece to promote the launch of the product. Apple were aiming to promote the fact that “Everything changes with iPad”. iPad is a device like no other. One that changes the way you do things and what you think is possible from the moment you start using it.

The interloopmailer® offered the perfect solution to communicate this message. GSD® designed the concept for the Apple interloopmailer® which was received well. Our designers created a clean and contemporary interloopmailer® using bold graphics to communicate key product information.

The mailer’s four different sides were perfect to communicate the key features. It allowed space to promote that it’s a camera, a library, cinema, teacher, games console, business partner and a coach. It’s so powerful and easy to use you won’t want to put it down. Yet it’s so thin and light, you won’t have to.

The interloopmailer® helped to communicate that everything you do on iPad is easier and more intuitive. Whether you’re surfing the web, reading and writing email, taking photos, shopping online or playing games, you can do it all with just a swipe, pinch or tap. No wonder it’s the device so many people pick up first and put down last.

"The interloopmailer® is an interesting piece. Key messages could be nicely revealed through it. We’re definitely keeping it on file for projects in the future it might be perfect for.”

Harper - Apple Design Team