The interloopmailer® is 11 years old!

The interloopmailer® is 11 years old!

It was in 2009 that the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office first issued the Patent acknowledgment for the Invention of the interloopmailer®, the multi-award winning, interactive direct mailer, invented by Graham Shapiro. As we now know, the the interloopmailer® was later to evolve and be chosen to carry the international marketing messages of some of the leading global companies in the world such as Apple, CSIRO, Capita, Grants Whisky, Samsung, Sodexo, Paul Mitchell, Philips, Motorola, T Mobile, Siemens BRUSH, Vauxhall Motors, Komatsu, Aviva and more, with spectacular success.

Graham Shapiro, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the interloopmailer®, said:

“I can scarcely believe that it was eleven years, since the the interloopmailer® was first born. Looking back, I always knew it had potential of course, but never expected that it would go on to realise the global success it has found, carrying important marketing communiques around the world, gaining the full confidence of so many leading companies, all with well internationally respected, valuable brand names.”

To see what first influenced Graham and led him to create the interloopmailer®, take a look on the new Instagram, interloop.mailer  A story of British enterprise and innovation.